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Who We Are

Schilling/Sellmeyer & Associates is a full service advertising and marketing agency in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Our job is to help our clients stand out, get noticed and excel.

Our creative approach is unique and innovative. Clients deal directly with our talented staff, which encourages communication, understanding and partnerships that really advance each message, campaign and project.


What We Do

We have extensive experience in traditional advertising and marketing, as well as keeping up with today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven demands. At Schilling/Sellmeyer we take care of just about everything, including:

  • Logo creation
  • Branding or rebranding
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Ads, brochures, direct mail
  • Media buying
  • Terrestrial radio
  • Digital radio
  • Video and commercial production
  • Casting and voiceovers
  • Social media
  • Economic development
  • Event planning

Why Work With Us

When you work with us, you get the service and flexibility of a small agency with the capabilities and talents of a large agency. Basically, we are a team that provides as much, or as little, direction as needed.

Each day we assist: financial institutions, electric cooperatives, insurance companies, home health care providers, manufacturers, auto dealerships, attorneys, athletes, restaurants, entertainment venues, museums, doctors, dentists, ranchers and more distinguish themselves from their competition.

We approach each project for each client—big or small—with the skills, technology and experience to help them succeed. Yes, we’re a creative agency; but, we also understand and operate on the reality “it’s only creative if it works.”


Schilling/Sellmeyer & Asociates
Schilling|Sellmeyer & Associates
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